Tuesday’s Treats #47

Sullivan’s Downtown

Location: Maryville, Tn

We love, love, love Sullivan’s! The atmosphere is great. The staff is always inviting, and the food is incredible. We haven’t had an item yet that we don’t like. One of the cool things about this restaurant is it used to be the old JC Penney’s building, and at the tile at the front door has the JCP tile. The interior is really neat.

Okay, so if you’ve read many of my Tuesday’s Treats, you know I love desserts, and this place has an INCREDIBLE key lime pie! It’s got a thick graham crust and just the right key lime flavor. I’m not crazy about all the whip cream on top, but I just like key lime pies with less toppings. 😉 It is delicious!

The shrimp and grits, called Shrimp Charleston, are absolutely scrumptious! The shrimp are seasoned and cooked just right with just a little bit of a kick. The grits are so creamy and delicious. These are some of my favorite!

The Northshore Salad, full of feta, cranberries and candied pecans on a bed of spinach is delicious. The fried green tomatoes are just as incredible. I don’t even like tomatoes, but these little items are a tasty delight, AND they are set upon a bed of those creamy, scrumptious grits. I’m not a huge fan of balsamic vinagrette; however, this mixture of grits, fried green tomatoes, feta and vinagrette is like a party in your mouth! Yum!

If you are in the Maryville area, you don’t want to miss this wonderful restaurant. You can check out more on their website. They have two locations, one in Maryville and one in Knoxville. I’ve been told the Knoxville location is just as good.

When you get done, and if you don’t get too filled from your wonderful dinner, you’ll want to walk down the street for another delightful treat at the Capitol Coffee Shop in the old Capitol Theater. That’s a really cool venue, too; however, that will be for another post. 😉


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