The Death of Life

She was young and beautiful, full of energy and life. She had everything they wanted, beauty, fame and wealth.  But she was tired, lonely and confused.  She longed for him to take her in his arms and hold her.  She fell for his sweet charm and loving smile, never knowing his true intentions.  He manipulated and abused her with his little game. He didn’t care. He didn’t feel the pain.  And when it was over, he left her to pick up her shattered dreams alone.

Now, she was alone, scarred and ashamed. She had to mend her broken heart while hoping she had enough strength to live through the day.  Even now there was a new form inside of her, living, breathing, feeling.  But she established a solution for this “dilemma”…Destroy it before it is even born.

She took the unborn out of its place. Stole it’s breath of life and heart of love, without ever asking if she could.  She destroyed the being so she could go on living….little did she know that tiny part of her could give all the love and joy she so longed for…

The Fight For Life

Death is calling her home

She hears him, but does not listen

She continues to go on, striving to succeed

Pushing her way at any cost to take the lead

He’s creeping upon her like a shadow

Continually stealing her strength

She’s getting weaker, stumbling along the way

Constantly wondering if he will pass or stay

They are both at war, never giving up

Each striving to overcome this losing battle

Never wanting to admit their own losses

Tearing at each other and pushing on at all cost

Finally the time has come…

 Will she choose to surrender or to defeat

She has fought the fight of impossible for some

And realized that she can overcome

She walks forward, trying to conceal

The weapon at her side, gaining confidence at every turn

Face to face with him, she rises and strikes him to the ground

She has conquered the evil one and proven that Love still abounds.

Penned – MG – 1/23/90