In Retrospect

Don’t you miss the days when you actually had to have singing to sell an album…when the music had to be live and in sync? Don’t you miss the day when you had to act, sing AND dance to obtain the role in a movie? Don’t you miss the days when you had to be a true patriot to become president…when the politicians had to love God, Family, and Country to succeed in office? Don’t you miss the days when the kids started their school days with The Pledge To Allegiance and ended the day with their bedtime prayers? Don’t you miss the days of fresh milk, fresh farm eggs, fruits and veggies…when it was easy to find less ingredients with better quality?

In all our striving to achieve and gain more, I think maybe we’ve lost something and gained less. Sure, I love the new technology, the new lights and the new transportation. I am blogging via internet right now, and we drive two new 2013 vehicles; so, I am definitely not anti-improvement nor anti-success! I just think, sometimes, in all our seeking the new, we tend to throw out some really good “old things” …like quality service and hardworking attitudes and homemade biscuits and farm grown produce and character, integrity and authenticity. Yeah, this list might not seem to “flow” right when looked at first glance, but stay with me a minute.

I didn’t grow up on a farm, and I wasn’t raised to make homemade biscuits, but when I’ve visited a well working farm, and I’ve eaten warm, homemade biscuits slathered with butter and a touch of honey, it sure reminds me of home. When I sit down to watch an old western or an old black and white Audrey Hepburn movie, it sure makes me think of goodness in the world. When I see an old veteran, tattered and worn from the memories of the war, it surely makes me appreciate him a little more, and it creates within me a grateful heart that my babies still live in a free country today. When I do hear the rare moment of an elementary-aged child reciting his Pledge of Allegiance with strength and dignity, my heart swells with pride, and I stand a little taller, knowing someone else still holds my heartland dear.

Yeah, maybe I am just old before my time, and maybe I just need to get to caught up with the “latest and greatest,” or maybe, just maybe, I’m onto some profound truth….think about it.



I go throughout my day, consumed in my own thoughts.

I walk right past your door, hoping to not get caught.

You say hello. I do not hear, just keep walking past.

You wonder what went wrong. It seems to happen all too fast.


You act so strange, speaking today, without a word tomorrow.

What am I to do, consume myself in sorrow?

I will not sit here from day to day and wait.

You have decided to come around a little too late.


I have a life to live. Yes, I’ve got to go on living.

I cannot sit here until you want to start your giving.

You refused to take a look, even glance over my way.

As I stayed there and patiently waited day after day.


So, I a leaving you today, walking out without a sound.

You wonder what has happened, why I’m not still around.

You just took a moment too long, and now I’ve wasted time.

You’ll wonder and you’ll wait, but another mountain I’ve gone to climb.


I go throughout my day, consumed in my own thoughts.

I walk right past your door, hoping to not get caught.

You say hello. I do not hear, just keep on walking through.

As you are wondering why, I now realize, I really do miss you.


Penned – MG – 3/28/90