Light Of The Son

The sun shines bright this morn, unlike it did yesterday

It burns with a brightness I have never seen

Its light shines through the clouds of darkness

Like the dawn interrupts the dream


This brightness is not coming from the fireball in the sky

This light could only manifest through You

You are the Almighty One, Life Everlasting

You came into my darkened heart and gave me life anew


This sea of unforgiveness was quickly drowning me

Turning me back and forth until I knew not which way to go

I went over to the left, returning to the right

Always trying to prove to all, the right of way I clearly know


I was entrapped too deep, in way over my head

Then You came and rescued me, showed me Your true way

You covered me, washed and made me whole

You showed me Your path and surely brightened my day


Now, I am a new creation, bathed in Your royal blood

Washed so white, purified, and made in Your righteousness

I praise Your Name on High. You are above all else

Awed by Your beauty and the light of Your Son


Penned – MG – 4/8/90