Be Grateful Always

With Thanksgiving being tomorrow, I thought I would reshare this post… Happy (early) Thanksgiving to all! 🙂

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All over social media this month, you can find daily posts of things for which to be thankful, what people are being thankful for, and, of course, the daily “thankful status” updates. I have noted these over the past several years, and even taken part in quite a few from time to time; however, this year, I thought maybe I’d take a little different approach by writing my “Grateful List” here on this blog (a 31-numbered list to represent every day of the month, plus a bonus), many of them including what I will call an “emphasis question,” to further prove the point, and maybe also share why I have a philosophy to be “grateful always”…

Even as you read, if you and I simply disagree on our likes and dislikes, I do encourage you to at least skip to the end and read a little more…you might find we don’t disagree as sharply…

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4 thoughts on “Be Grateful Always

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  2. Lovely! I was smiling through your list, love the ones about hugs from your sons, definitely wonderful things to be grateful for! I am also very grateful for hugs from my three children 🙂
    I really like your thoughts on cleaning, etc as I have told myself the same, I’m lucky I have these beautiful people in my life. Nice list, thank you for sharing.

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