Men of Honor

They fought the battles we’ve never fought.

They gave us a freedom that we never bought.

These men walked paths of hardship,

A hardship that we believe our shoes cannot fit.

They said, “These things that we hold true…”

For our happiness, their humble lives were slew.

As we walk through this life, we take much for granted,

These forefathers were beaten, bruised and branded.

Let us remember their stories with honor and praise.

Let us put them in a place of value, all of our days.

We have houses, schools, businesses and lands,

Because they gave up theirs to place it in our hands.

They have handed us a baton to carry on,

The legacy of their lives and what we can become,

We have a great trust passed down unto us.

Will we take it up, or will we fall in our own lust?

It must be our goal; it must be our call.

We must live by this purpose before we all fall.

Their sacrifices, our heritage; let us never forget.

These great men of honor; these that we’ve never met.

Penned – MG – 7/6/03