This Moment

We live our lives, rushing through this day

We are so hurried, we miss the moments along the way

Pushing, thrusting, only to reach that tomorrow

Always hoping to be joyful and bypass any sorrows

We breeze through the seasons and bustle through the years

We are so frazzled, we forget those things that once, we held dear

Searching and seeking, only to acknowledge something new

Forever desiring to be happy and overlook the blues

But God said, “There is wisdom in the house of mourning”

It is not this earthly home for which we are adorning

We must pause and reflect before it all disappears

His return to take us there is soon drawing near

He’s told us in His Word, even the Son doesn’t know the time

Take advantage of this moment and never live in the sublime

We must be focused on that day, while living in this second

Open your ears and your heart, I know you’ll hear him beckon

Stop wishing for something different or for that time to stay

Make the most of this minute before it is eternally at bay

Pausing and delaying to smell the roses upon the path

If you miss this tiny moment, you may be left in the aftermath

He wants His best for you, which we cannot, in our own eyes, see

He can observe the present, the past, and what is meant to be

He’s bigger and He’s better than what we could’ve hoped for

We just have to acknowledge Him, or He cannot open the door

Penned – MG – 10/26/03