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Mom Cheer

One day, I was thinking about motherhood and all it entails. I was thinking about how so many moms may not have someone who encourages them in the journey of raising their children. So many go at this thing alone, wondering if they are doing it right, wondering if they can make it through the trials, through the joys and through the changes. Then, I thought, if I could speak to the moms of the world, this is what I’d say…

Jeremiah 1:5, says,
“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you; 
Before you were born I sanctified you; I ordained you a prophet to the nations.”

You can do this, mom. Have faith. Stand for your children. Don’t lose hope when it gets hard, when the way is weary, and you have doubts and fears that overwhelm. Trust in God. Get help from those around you. Look deep into your heart, and discard selfish desires. Seek Godly leadership and wisdom to help you along the way. You can do this.
 The child invested to each of us is a precious gift. They are given to us from God, and they are really just on loan, just for a little while, a very short season. It is our responsibility. It is our right. It is our privilege to raise them, to love them, and to encourage them to reach all their goals, all their dreams, all their ambitions.

The standard we set for them, many times, they will fall below, or at least they will struggle to meet. They are young. They are growing; so, set your values high. Don’t expect them to fail; push them to succeed. Don’t expect them to falter; let your perspective be positive. Let your words be uplifting and true. They need you.

Encourage big dreams, because if they’re always reaching for the moon, even if they fall, at least they will land somewhere among the stars. If we fail to encourage them to reach for the moon, and we only expect them to live grounded where they are, they may never move beyond the spot they are right now. Why would we want to cripple them for their destiny?
So, begin to dream for them; begin to set your own sights on higher things. When they see you dream, they will follow. Set your thoughts on better places when the way grows weary, and they will begin to see a brighter future. Place a smile on your face and a steel rod in your spine when you feel you cannot stand. God will help you, and, “If God be for us, who can stand against us?” (Romans 8:31)

You can do this. You were called for this. Approach the task with joy. Seek the right path with passion and delight. They are in your care for just a little while, and they will fly to another land.

Let them dream. Let them soar. When they stumble, show them, by your own life, how to get back up, how to stand, how to run again. It’s a great big world out there, and they need your help. They need your guidance. Don’t look away.

Don’t be neglecting your post because it’s difficult, you feel inadequate, or you are distracted.

Embrace them. Shield them. Guide them. Teach them to fly. Go ahead, mom. It may be a scary road at times, but they were made for this. YOU were made for this! You CAN do this! Have faith. Have courage, and never, ever give up!! 🙂