Wednesday’s Ode #1

For those of you who may have missed my post on Monday, this will be the first of my upcoming weekly features…”Wednesday’s Ode.” You can more about it here. I hope you enjoy these! 😉

As I was in the shower one morning, contemplating Wednesday’s Ode, I had a realization…I LOVE hot water!!
Refreshing, relaxing, invigorating, cleansing, soothing, smoothing. It
cleans bodies, dishes and clothes, sometimes, the dirtiest, smelliest, hardest things from which to remove muck and mire. It doesn’t seem to mind what the object of its affection might be on a given day.

It heats bottles for newborns, boils oatmeal for children and tea for fine old ladies; it even adds to the stew for burly men. It provides steam in locker rooms and adds to medicated steam in nursery rooms. It is poured in and heated through hot water bottles and hot water heaters all over the world. It seems to be no respecter of persons.

Have you ever been without it? It’s amazing what you miss when the source is no where to be found. It was the Bahamas. In the heat of summer. We were on a youth missions trip, and it definitely was not the resort side of the island! It was hot, and it was miserable, but in the early mornings of getting up, we still longed for a nice, hot shower…Nope! It was like the ice water challenge!! I will say this, the girls definitely didn’t take as long to get ready that week! Haha.

There was another moment in time when reality settled in about how wonderful hot water can be. I was on the coast of the Fl panhandle, after Hurricane Ivan of ’04 hit. There was water all around us in the bay and the ocean beyond, but not one drop of clean water to drink and definitely no hot water. You have to have hot water to sterilize anything that’s been swirled around with salt water, sewage tanks and brackish water…and all the mud and grime. No cleaning. No drinking, and definitely no eating anything that had to be boiled. That week, I sure did learn that military rationed dry food pkts (MRE) are actual edible. There are so many wonderful things about hot water! I just love it!
So, yeah, hot water is a wonderful thing!
Sometimes, it just makes me want to sing!
It even makes me feel full of power!
Especially when I’m in the shower!
🙂 haha!!

3 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Ode #1

  1. Thank goodness for hot/warm water. I have experienced a few cool showers while on mission trips and it was a quick thing. I also did not have a bathroom coming up. We had to sponge bathe in a tub but my parents said just use cold water and do it quick. You will live. HEHEHE. Yes I did live but was so glad when my dad bought our first house in the late 60’s with one bathroom. We were still told not to bathe daily because of the use of water. It was always a fear of something. I am glad that is not an issue now……

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  2. I once spent time in Africa where there was no water on tap and every drop for the day had to be bought and transported in plastic containers each morning. A 5 year old little girl had the job of fetching our water daily. It was so humbling to see how carefully every drop was used then saved to reuse for flushing the toilet etc!
    After that my passion was to dig wells or provide water storage tanks for the community. My efforts were a drop in the ocean but I learned the value of precious water.

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