What do you do with white towels that are old and tattered…ones that have been around since your wedding day (which is 19 years for us)?

 Yes, you rip them up and make nice little rags out of them!! That’s called REPURPOSING. 😉  

So many people are getting into this “trend” these days. They repurpose a barn door and make a dining room table, which I absolutely love!! They take shoe caddies and make over the door jewelry holders. They take old letter trays and make them medicine cabinets. They even take old boots and make (flower) planters out of them! I’ve seen all kinds of things repurposed, and I personally might think some of the things are maybe a little ‘out there,’ but if it works for you; then, “Why not??” If it makes your life easier, more efficient, and more joyful, why would you not repurpose?

As I was ripping up these old towels and making them into rags, I started thinking about this repurposing concept and how it applies even to our internal lives… There are some things we really need to learn to repurpose…

How about the regrets of the past?

How about the pains of the past?

How about anger, strife and just plain ol’ grouchiness?

Just as those old, worn out towels can become great, repurposed rags, those yucky things of our past can be repurposed to become areas of strength and wisdom of our present life and they can become beams of hope for those in our future. As we learn to repurpose the evil and/or painful things in our lives for things that are good and beneficial for our lives, we will find a greater peace within. When we find a way to repurpose those bad things and turn them around for good things, we start learning the ways of our Heavenly Father… ”     That’s one of His specialties, and when we give our pains and regrets to Him, we can trust Him to help us learn and master the art of repurposing.