Wednesday’s Ode #22

  I love trees!! I am enthralled by trees. I find myself even mesmerized by trees sometimes. They are big, breath-giving and beautiful! I love them in all colors of green in the spring and all shades of golden, orange and red in the fall. I love trees that lose their leaves in the fall, and I love great big evergreens that seem to hold down the forest through the winter. Trees are simply breathtaking.   

Notice above, I said they are life-giving? I love trees, because they breathe in the toxic gases I breathe out, and they give off the oxygen I need to live. They seem to sing their own song with the winds of spring, and they bristle and pop in the storms of summer. They are the musical instruments of the woodlands.   

I love the tall, quick-growing pines, and I love the thick, slow-growing oaks. I love the fruit trees which yield delicious delicacies, and I love hearty and wholesome hemlocks. Some of the favorites, though, would have to be the big, beautiful live oaks of the South. I am probably partial to these, because I grew up around them, but I think these are simply some of the most majestic trees around!   

I even love twisted, gnarled and old trees. Broken and dead trees make me a little sad, but I think the images they create can be quite amazing.    

 I like to think of trees kind of like people…there’s never two exactly alike! 😉

Wow, Thanks a Bunch!! :)

Well,  I’m not sure what’s “magical about the number 1,337, but WP sent me this notification today: I now have this many likes on thegrizzlegrist. How cool is that?!

So, I wanted to tell you all that take the time to read and click that little “like” button, “THANKS A THOUSAND PLUS!!” 😉  

You guys are awesome!! 😊 I am truly blessed and grateful for your time and attention! I am humbled, and my heart is full. 💕