Wednesday’s Ode #23

I love coffee mugs! Yes, I collect them, and I have a ton! I probably have way too many these days, but I am always wanting to have one as a souvenir from the different places we visit.

I’ve been collecting these since I was in middle school or high school; so, the collection is rather large. I keep many of them packed away, hoping one day to have the space to display them all. I have one from Colorado and the Smoky Mountains, and one from Panama City, Chicago and Myrtle Beach. I even have one from the Bahamas.

I have some from the Kim Anderson collection and several from Walt Disney World. I have some from places I’ve worked and restaurants I. Which I’ve eaten. I’ve even got one or two from certain causes I support.  

A few of my all time favorites are a Brasstown Valley mug my husband gave me and a Smoky Mtn one my boys have given me. I also really like a handmade pottery one I picked up in Ellijay, Ga. I drink hot tea from it quite often.  

As many as I have, I really should stop getting so many, but I suppose now, it could be chalked up as a “hobby.” I don’t pick up “just any ol’ kind” these days; I do try to be a little more selective. I just wonder, maybe one day when I’m long gone, if my great grands might sit around the table, drinking cups of coffee and hot chocolate, reminiscing about all of granny’s old coffee mugs, all the things she loved and all the places she’d been. 😊