Help Me To See

Oh God, please help me to see…

the grizzle grist mill

I look in the mirror and see my own face.

I tend to neglect the needy to embrace.

I listen intently to hear my own voice.

I seem to ignore the hurting that need to rejoice.

I go my own way, busy in my own life,

Forgetting You’ve called me to be a good wife.

I run from here to there, scurrying to get the job done,

Neglecting You’ve told me to raise my young son.

I read in Your Word to always put Jesus first,

Believing that I do until I realize my own thirst.

I hear from Your servants, “Never make idols to love,”

Believing that I don’t until I recognize what they’ve become.

Change me and my perspective. Make me what You desire.

Draw me out and cleanse me from this filthy mire.

Transform this mind into the intellect You have planned.

Make this heart as malleable…

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