Who’s Your Top 5?

I saw this post last night on social media, and it got me to thinking…

It is so true. We become very much like those with whom we associate. This led me to my next question: With whom do you spend the majority of  your time?

The people with whom you surround yourself will determine the kind of person you become. It doesn’t matter how strong you think you are, how influential or how dedicated you are to “being you.” The longer you are with someone, the more your personalities can merge.

So, have you thought about it? Are the people you are around the most a good influence on you? Do they bring you down or lift you up? Do you leave their presence feeling better about yourself and the world around you, or do you leave feeling worse?

If you take the top five people with whom you spend time and average it out, what is the result? Who are you becoming??

*I’d love to hear your response. Please share with me your thoughts. 😊

**Note: I did not take this photo, nor do I own rights to it. Simply copied from social media.