Tuesday’s Treats #34

Cocina Fuentes (Mexican)

Location: Monroe, Ga

 This place is probably the absolute BEST Mexican restaurant we have been to! It’s in the cute little town of Monroe, Georgia, and after you enjoy your meal, you can head downtown and the surrounding areas to find some great antique shops. The atmosphere here is great, and the service is always spot on.

The food is always made perfect to order, and everything tastes fresh and prepared with care. The steak seems to be of higher quality than most Mexican restaurants, and everything else is just perfect. They have quite an extensive menu from which to choose, and I do wish I had more pics to share with you.

My husband usually gets the Taco Quaintes (spelling?), and it is always delicious. I apologize that I don’t have the name of the meal above, but I can say it was also delicious! I have looked online for their website; however, there doesn’t seem to be one listed. However, they do have a facebook page, and here is a copy of their lunch menu.

Oh, and I do hope you don’t think me rude for posting a pic of the bathroom, but I wanted to be able to share the attention they give to details. Most places just stick a sink in there to get the job done, but this is actually stylish and beautiful. Their attention to details shows in everything they do. Drop by, and check them out!