Christmastime Blues

If the Christmastime Blues are trying to get you down this week, just reset your focus on what is the true meaning of the season, and you’ll find your joy again! Merry Christmas!

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Do you ever feel as if you’re the onlyone who could possibly feel the way you do?

Do you ever think no one else understands; no one has a clue?

That’s when the Christmastime Blues settle in like a cold, hard rain.

They come to stay when your focus is off, life is chaotic and the main thing isn’t the main.

Those bluesy blues will hit the heart and try to make a home.

Don’t let them come in. Make them run away as you worship Christ alone.

For He is worthy of all our honor, our love and our praise.

For He is the Christ child come to change our life and our earthly days.

Merry Christmas

Penned – MG – 12/21/15

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4 thoughts on “Christmastime Blues

  1. Focusing on Him doesn’t make the circumstances go away, and honestly, it doesn’t miraculously make the pain subside. That would just be “prosperity preaching,” and that’s just simply a fallacy. Life can be hard sometimes. All I’m telling you is that focusing on Him does give you a new perspective, and He will give you peace like a river. The kind of peace that surpasses all understanding. The kind of peace that settles way down deep in your soul. When you have that kind of peace within, you can withstand any storm, and you will persevere. … Praying for you. 💕


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