Friday’s New (event): Big Announcement!

Well, we said goodbye to Friday’s New Angle a few weeks ago, and I’ve been thinking about a new weekly event we could do on Fridays to bring a fun and fresh outlook… My apologies for the delay. I had planned to announce last Friday, but I was still deliberating in my mind what to do. πŸ™„

Now, I have decided, and I do hope you’ll like it and join in to become a part! Starting next Friday, just as I hosted 100 New Angles over the past (almost) 2 years, I will now host “Friday’s Friends.” 

On Friday of each week, I will provide a link for a blogging “friend” I have found to be interesting, intriguing, or simply inviting. I will share with you what I have found and why I’ve chosen him or her. I may post more than one on a given Friday day, but it will be at the very least, one. 

I hope this will bring some excitement, commonality and community within these pages, and I do hope YOU, the readers, will chime in from time to time. I would love to hear from you, hear who is one of your favorite bloggers, and maybe even feature one of you in my weekly finds! 😊 If the requests grow rapidly, I may not always be able to get to all, but if you will give me the liberty, I will share all those I am able. 

Looking forward to launching this “friendliness” this time next week! Hope you will join me! πŸ˜‰


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