Love Me Challenge #17


Silence In nature…


This feeds my soul. I love to sit on our back deck just staring out into the woods. I love sitting by the lake, looking over the tranquil waters. I love lying by the seashore listening to the tide returning day and night.

This feeds my soul… the beauty in the sunrise… the glory in the sunset… the brightness of the harvest moon and the first stars that shine. These are nourishments of my soul.

The birds that chirp in the morning light… the deer that leaps over log and rock… the rabbit that scurries across the forest floor… even the black bear that meanders about looking for summer’s first berries.


These bring peace, comfort and calm to my soul.


2 thoughts on “Love Me Challenge #17

  1. As one who enjoys hunting, often the most enjoyable aspect of the sport is not the pursuit of the animal, but the serenity of just sitting there enjoying all of God’s creation. Undisturbed. Silent. Peaceful. It’s sneaking into nature’s playground while everything else is still asleep, and being privileged to witness the world wake up. It’s quite breathtaking really.

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