Tuesday’s Treats #183

Brookwood Grill

Location: Roswell, Ga

Ok, so where do I begin? “What’s good?,” you ask. I would have to counter ask, “What’s NOT good?” Holy smokes! This place is absolutely amazing!

The salmon critters are a must to begin. I’m not at all crazy about the alfalfa sprouts on top, but to each his own; they’re easy enough to knock off. I don’t even know what the three sauces are that are beautifully displayed on the plate, but swipe your fritter right through all three before taking a bite, and you’ll thank me for it! The Caesar salad is delicious with homemade croutons atop and a honey-buttered croissant to the side. Oh. My.

A fresh catch is available everyday; so, be sure to ask if the server doesn’t, which isn’t likely. The swordfish and snapper were the feature the two different days we ate, and each one was incredible. The menu original salmon is also delicious, and we always opt for the grit cake and grilled corn for the sides. Wow. They also have great burgers and many other choices you will love.

Now, for the “crème de la crème.” Dessert. Three words: Key Lime Pie. Remember, we visited The Florida Keys and became quite the connoisseurs, and this one passes the test, especially with the mile high, homemade whip cream on top, a dash of blueberries and a drizzle of raspberry sauce. Drop. The. Mic. …I know there are a few other desserts on the menu, but my dreamy state has made my mind forget. 😂


Just revisited the other day, and it was still amazing!! Need to mention, the Key Lime Pie is, evidently, a seasonal dessert. So, they had just switched that day. Pumpkin pie and Georgia Peach Cobbler. So, our friends ordered the cobbler, and our son had the NY Style Strawberry Cheesecake. Everything was still phenomenal. Note, I’m not a crazy fan of peach cobbler, but this is NOT your ordinary peach cobbler. It has pecans and ooey-gooey-goodness on top! And that cheesecake? It was almost as high as that key lime pie, and it’s all cheesecake. No fluff. 😉 Here’s a pic…


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  1. I have not had Peach Cobbler in years – many years ago we had a neighbor with peach and plum trees and he would bring over brown bags of each once the trees starting producing … so cobbler was a regular treat in Summer. He lived in a corner house and had several trees and when he retired to Florida, the new owners cut the trees down as they bought an RV and wanted to park it in that space the trees occupied. I can’t remember the last time I had cheesecake either – when I worked on site, before my boss and I left the Firm and went out on our own, every time a staff member had a birthday, we’d have a collection and spring for cheesecake from a bakery that only made cheesecake – all kinds of flavors. You sure have hit on a good place – I am going to check out the website so I can drool a little more.

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    • It is a wonderful place to eat! … that’s sad about the trees. Of course, I’m a bit partial to trees. It’s hard for me to watch any get cut down, but especially, fruit trees! That’s a produce market at your front door! 😂 We all have our priorities, I suppose.

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  2. The very first picture with the plate that seemed to go on forever – ha ha. Nice presentation for everything here and it all looked good and you, the Key Lime pie enthusiast, in all the pictures you’ve taken of Key Lime Pie and all the pics I’ve ever seen, none had sky-high whipped cream like this one. Oh. My. Drop. The. Mic. indeed! Definitely wear elastic waist pants when dining here!!

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    • Yes, indeed! It is delicious!! We returned the other day, and they had just switched their seasonal dessert (which we didn’t know was the key lime)! We were so upset!! 😭 Our friends ordered the new seasonal dessert, Georgia Peach Cobbler, and our son’s ordered the brownie (again), and the NY strawberry cheesecake. OH. MY.
      I’m not a crazy fan of peach cobbler, but…OH. MY. I am of this one, and that cheesecake was about as high as the key lime pie with whipped cream!! No joke! I’ll post an update in just a minute; so, you can see it. I believe, everything they do here might just be amazing! 😋💗

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