Friday Fun Day

Sometimes, you just got to!

Whatever it is. Wherever you are.

However you can make it happen.

Happiness is a perspective. Joy is a choice.

Circumstances and people should never dictate the state of mind nor of heart.

Choose what fun you’ll have today.

Choose what goodness you’ll find.

And smile. Even in the rain.

Penned – MG – 12/7/19

9 thoughts on “Friday Fun Day

    • Yes, the pics I posted are at the top of the falls. We all hiked from the bottom, up to the falls, and then, my husband and I walked back down to the truck while the boys hiked all the stairs to the top! We drove up to the top. Our knees just can’t do all those stairs anymore.😕 It is a gorgeous falls, and we visit there quite frequently. 💗

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      • I thought it might be due to the wooden steps – we have a wooden staircase where I was yesterday and my knees wobble a little as there is no railing, so I hiked up the grassy hill When I did the lighthouse tour, it was very steep and nothing to hold onto and the day I took the tour a group of people on a lighthouse tour across Canada were visiting – they were likely 10 or more years older than me and had no issues – I was scared coming down the stairs and my knees were wobbling and had to walk 50 feet across a pier to land and felt wobbly – Detroit River was below and no rope or handle … I should have asked for help to be honest.

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      • Yeah, my knees start giving me fits on the way up the stairs, but I can usually come down without much problem. I did all those stairs about 5 years ago, and I felt so proud that I could still accomplish them! 😜 Now, I probably need to do it again, just so it doesn’t defeat me! 😂 We’ve some several lighthouses, and I always love those. … ooo, I’m glad you didn’t fall or anything! Wowzer! That would be a bit scary with no rope or handle! I’m glad you made it safely! 😊

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      • What was scary inside the lighthouse was they wanted to preserve its authenticity as much as possible so they did not have any railings and the only support at all was at the very top in the “light room” so the guide could talk and get six people up there with him. It was dark paneled wood and the steps were steep. All the people were part of a tour and they climb the old lighthouses all the time. It was my first and it was just a tour offered by the Grosse Ile Historical Society. I should have asked someone to escrot me the 50 feet over the water … felt silly doing so though.

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      • Yes, and will they be happy if someone takes a tumble and breaks a bone? That is what will happen, though I was assured by the members of this lighthouse group (I had no idea such a group existed where they travel from state to state on organized tours going into lighthouses and having a special stamp which looks like the lighthouse they toured, put inside a “passport” – they told me about their “society” and I Googled it – expensive trips and membership, etc. I just signed up as I’d never been in a lighthouse before.

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