Tuesday Treats #192

Sushi Nami

Location: Suwanee, Ga

*a bit late, but better late than never, I suppose! 😊

Ok, let’s preface this post by stating, I am NOT a sushi lover. I’m sorry. I know it’s very trendy right now, and I know a ton of people who love it. This includes my oldest son. If you won’t judge me, I won’t judge you. 😂

My son asked me to meet him here one day, and I agreed. It doesn’t matter if I don’t eat sushi, time spent with your oldest who will be gone next year is both crucial and priceless. Now, that I’ve eaten here, I would eat here again. It was that good…but not because I got sushi.

Let me tell you about the atmosphere first. I can sum it up in two words: Modern Minimalist. It is totally different than many restaurants I frequent, and I liked it. What you see in the pics is exactly what you get. Very simple but nice. The waitress and hostess were both very nice as well.

The menu is pretty extensive on sushi, but they also have a nice array of “I don’t like raw stuff” items. The prices are a bit high on some things, particularly for mid afternoon (not dinner), but it was about what you’d pay at a Hibachi.

Please, excuse the “corner shot” of the sushi and rice pics. My sons had already dove in before I clicked the pic, and when it comes to food, there’s no slowing down a teenage man-child. My oldest ordered the Fire Dragon Roll with a side fried rice bowl. Six came on the plate, and he said it was good, but he wasn’t incredibly thrilled with the spicy tuna on top. He prefers the volcano roll and said he would get that the next time.

My youngest ordered the beef fried rice, and it was amazing. We all took a few bites. I’m not sure how to describe this other than to say this, it had a very clean taste; even though, the flavor was full and wonderfully tasty, it wasn’t like you specifically tasted (individually) the teriyaki, soy sauce or butter that it was cooked in nor did you taste the grease that you typically will taste at a Hibachi. I do believe that is what made the dish so amazing.

I ordered the butternut squash soup and a hot tea. To be honest, I wasn’t real crazy about the tea. It was great tea, which I generally like, but this was so incredibly stout, I added two packs of sugar and even a smidgen of artificial flavor, and it was still overpowering. I’ve not drank matcha green tea, but it almost made me think it might be that. I didn’t complain as I wanted something warm, and I kept trying to convince myself it would grow on me. Sadly, it didn’t. The soup, on the other hand, was absolutely delicious. I was a bit taken aback by the “foam” (see pic) that was in the center when they first presented it. I’m still not sure what it was, and I didn’t eat it, but the soup, with the topping of pumpkin, sunflower and a few others seeds I didn’t know, was incredible. I had gone into the restaurant a bit full from already eating earlier, but I consumed this whole bowl by myself! It was that good.

I will say, this day became a bit aggravating on the wait time. We arrived around 1:30, and we not served our food until about 2:00… and this wasn’t because we waited to order…and they weren’t slammed with customers. There were only two other tables the whole time. Looking at the hours now, I tend to wonder if they are at the end of the lunch portion of their day (the last Hour??), and maybe there was a shift in chefs or something. I’m not sure, but had it taken a bit longer, it would have been beyond ridiculous…not quite a deal breaker on the first run, I suppose, but it could be if it were to happen again.

However, I will definitely meet my son here again, both for the delicious food and for the precious quality time!

I couldn’t Google an actual website, but I am including the Google page for location and phone number. Evidently, there are various locations, and I think this one is rather new.

After searching a bit more, I found this news article that will give you quite a bit more information about this particular location.

8 thoughts on “Tuesday Treats #192

  1. I’ve never had sushi and I was looking at the foamy stuff on the soup and was thinking I would be apprehensive as well – we think alike don’t we? The rice did look good though. I have never had matcha tea and I have tried green tea and know it is good for you, but can’t seem to get it down the hatch. I need to try harder I think. 🙂

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    • Yeah, I probably would t have been so apprehensive about the foam had I not been at a sushi bar. 😂 I just moved it aside; the thing is, it never dissipated! 😳 By the time I finished the soup, and it was still sitting there, all foamed up like SPIT, I was glad I didn’t eat it. 🤣Yes, I do believe we would be fast friends living in the same town. 😊 The rice was delicious! I have found with green tea, I like it best with an added flavor, like jasmine, lemon or something like that, and it can’t brew too long. This tea was almost “thick” in appearance, hard to describe, but it definitely was different than hot teas I’ve had at so many other Asian restaurants. At least, I can say I’ve tasted it, Ana I’ll have to find someone who’s eaten here to describe these new things to me, as I’m such a newbie. However, I just don’t think I’ll ever settle for sushi. I’m too hesitant with new textures and tastes, and I’m not real big on any cold meats, except deli meat, and simply, the thought raw meat just turns my stomach. But I sure did enjoy my time with our boys! ❤️

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      • Mia – I thought it looked like SPIT too! In fact I looked at the picture right up close on the screen to see it clearly! 🙂 We think alike for sure and I believe we’d be fast friends for sure if we lived in the same town. I’m not big on raw anything and my father was German and when we visited Germany, their big treat was “Mett” which was ground-up pork on a slice of rustic bread. I just couldn’t do it – all I could think of was hearing you get trichinosis and a tape worm from eating raw pork, so no way was I going to eat THAT. I’m a newbie too … because of our Hepatitis A outbreak in Michigan I probably told you I’ve not been out to eat or bought prepared food in ten years. The outbreak has been around that long with over 30 deaths. So, no thanks – even nice rustic bread at the store gets passed up if made in Michigan. Call me a “Nervous Nellie” but I don’t take any chances. I am such a newbie that they would advertising something on the radio and the person kept saying “a matcha smoothie” and I was thinking to myself (smugly I might add) that who would let him record a commercial for a “mocha” smoothie?! Then I read something online about “matcha” tea and realized it was me who was wrong! Your boys are willing to try new things – you can try a sample of theirs!


      • I am with you; I’d be just as cautious, which would definitely be tough with our oldest, as he loves to try new things. 😂 That’s hilarious (matcha/mocha)! … that would be nice to be in the same town, then I’d be better at my walking time, too! Have you closed the gap on your goal? 😊

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      • I know Mia – we could be walking every morning. I finished my goal up yesterday and I will still walk til the end of the year and see where it takes me, but will cap my mileage as the weather is just getting so erratic that I had some concerns I would not make my goal this year due to Winter lasting longer, and the really hot Summer heat and humidity (which you know about as you suffer with it). If we had good weather til year end 2019, quite possibly I could get another 50 miles in or so, but who knows what 2020 weather could bring, so I’ll cap the amount to save my having angst over it. 🙂

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      • Thanks Mia – I am excited to have completed this goal as I added 80 more miles at the beginning of the year to what would have been MY goal, egged on by a fellow blogger. I’ll keep walking, weather permitting, and see how fast I could go. If I was like Ssmantha on the “Bewitched” TV show, I would grab you and we’d have a wonderful hike at the Falls. 🙂 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family as well.

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