She Wonders

He walks down the path consumed by his thoughts;

   He walks right past her without a even a word.

      He goes about his business never looking in her eyes;

         With his desires satisfied, he walks away without even a goodbye.


…She wonders…


She watches him leave, wondering what she did wrong;

   She watches as he turns the corner, leaving her alone.

      She tries to understand his moody and mysterious news;

         With her mind abused, she stands there dazed and confused.


…She wonders…


Tomorrow they are laughing, walking arm in arm down the path.

   Not a thought of yesterday is mentioned or even alluded to.

      Still she wonders if it’s true. Still she wonders, watching his every move.

         He keeps traveling this sad journey, not concerned if she’s through.


…She wonders…


They go about their days, talking here and there.

   Today, they converse endlessly, tomorrow not even a sound.

      She continually wonders and dreams that someday they will be

         United in true love and through a holy matrimony.


…She wonders…

Penned – MG – 3/6/90