Passing Time

Time brings about so many changes.

Some good, some bad, some exciting, some sad.

There are times when I wish I was a child again.

No worries, no responsibilities, no cares.

There are times when I wish I was all grown-up;

Then others would treat me like a lady not a child.

Time is like sand slipping through our fingers.

If we don’t wake up and enjoy the moment,

It will be lost from us forever.

So, take this moment, do not let it disappear from you.

Enjoy the time you have.

Enjoy the ones you love

For they may not be here tomorrow.

Penned – MG – 5/1/91


A chapter in our lives is coming to a close.

A chapter which some of us thought would never end.

Now, we will go our separate ways.

Some never to look back upon this day.


The time has come to say goodbye.

Take care and never lose hope.

For if hope is gone, there is nothing.

And if there is nothing, we are not beings.


Never say goodbye, only farewell.

For if you say goodbye, I may not see you.

But if you say farewell, there’s always a way

That we may meet again on another day.


Never say good riddens, only good blessings.

For if you say good riddens, I may not succeed.

But if you say good blessings, there’s always a chance

That I will remember you when I go to dance.


Penned – MG – 5/91