Do Not Weep For Me


Death engulfs me in its grasp

Darkness is surrounding me

I hear wailing and mourning

But the faces I cannot see.


You weep for me to return

But do you know where I am going?

I am to travel the streets of gold

I am to see His Heavenly Throne


I am sorry for your loss and sorrow

You will miss me while I am gone

But you don’t have to be without hope

You don’t have to be lost and undone


You can join me here when life is through

You can walk in this Paradise Land

You can have eternal life and happiness

If you will just ask Jesus to take your hand


Penned – MG – 2/27/01

Please Tell Me

Now I am so very confused. I feel like I have been abused.

Are you being honest with me, or are you only wanting the key?

I can’t tell what you want anymore, but as you see, it’s my heart that you tore.

Why do you do this? Will you really be there? Do you truly love me, or don’t you even care?


I am the one you’ve used so much with all your charm and gentle touch.

Is it true love that you claim, or have you just been playing a game?

I wish you would be honest. I wish I could tell. How can I know when you always hide behind that veil?

Are you being truthful, or is it a lie? If that’s all it is; then, I’ll be saying goodbye.


In my heart, you will always live, but I have so much more love to give.

So, if you’re leaving, please quickly do say; I don’t want to go on hurting this way.

There is just one more thing I want to say to you, but it scares me, are you feeling this way, too?

I wanted to express how deep my love is for you. I just wanted to tell you before we were through.


Penned – MG – 4/16/89