Along the Shoreline




Things seem more at peace along the shoreline…

The Flurry of Autumn Leaves

I took these pictures while driving through the mountains today. (Well, I was riding, and my husband was driving! ) Due to the speed down the mountain, some turned out blurred; yet, it made me think of how the season turns when we don’t stop to enjoy it…



Slow down and enjoy the moment, or the season may be gone in a blur…

Our Love


Love is, in life, such a precious part.

It is so fragile;

You could easily break my heart.

Yet love is so strong;

My love for you will never part.

Love will allow me not to turn away

Wherever God may lead us.

It will cause me to stay

Through joy and through pain.

Love will teach us strength;

Through heartache, we will gain.

Love will keep you close in spirit, body and mind.

Even if tomorrow you leave this world,

In my heart, our love I will always find.

So trust me with your heart, for I will tenderly take care.

Now, I give you mine to love and to cherish for the rest of our days.

If you will only love me, to Him we will give our hearts alone to bear.

Penned – MG – 9/93



I stand here in shock, not knowing what to do;

I cannot believe the feelings I’ve caught here from you.

Memories from the past overwhelm my weary mind,

But now, in chains, these memories they do bind.

My hands to you, we were reaching for the stars.

My dreams, our friendship, now you have scarred.

The distance you’ve placed, this I do not understand.

Between us, our sisterhood, is it now banned?

The anger, the jealousy, I pray it does not last.

So many questions I’m left with, only not to ask.

This brokenness and pain, I wish I did not feel.

They all say it takes way too much time to heal.

As I stand here with this bleeding heart,

I pray that one day we have a brand new start.

God can cleanse, forgive and always can mend,

But it takes you and me with this friendship to tend.

Penned – MG – 7/7/99