The Room


There is a little room where thoughts of freedom roam.

Fears cannot be found; pain can never be felt.

No words of gossip. No words of rage.

Joy and laughter does abound,

And the sun is ever shining,

But this little room has a door that is locked tight.

I keep knocking and calling;

Yet, no one will answer.

Evil looks glare from those angry eyes.

Harsh words of accusation surround my ears.

Fear consumes me.

My heart is left vulnerable. Love is on the line.

Trying to be strong, I stand to face the fight.

I pray for courage and for strength

As I walk upon the battlefield.

My love for him increases, so strong, I cannot hide.

Please God, give me wisdom and discernment.

For what is within, I cannot lie.

I do not want to be afraid.

I do not want to withdraw.

I love Him. I need Him.

I want to enter that little room.


Penned – MG – 11/92

The Empty Chair

the grizzle grist mill

It stands alone. If you look at it for very long, you might determine it’s lonely; however, it’s made to bring comfort to the weary traveler, and it does its job very well. It may be an elderly woman who just needed a quick rest before finishing her walk back to her room. It may be the young, new mom who tries desperately to get her newborn back to sleep. It may be the young teen who kicks back to watch the game, only to find his favorite team didn’t fair too great today. It may be the bench upon which the newlyweds pose for the pictures of their new life together. The chair can provide so many comforts.
Or maybe it has a more pragmatic approach today…the husband grabs it to stand upon while replacing the bulb overhead. The grandmother uses it to reach the box at the top…

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