You Still Love Me

I fail You time and time again
I bite
I claw
I fight my way to the win
And I continue to fail to see
What it is You’re showing me

You still love me

I nail you there over and over again
I hate
I lust
I struggle to succeed in the sin
And I constantly miss the target
What You’re urging me to forget

You still love me

I crucify the very One who gives me life
I deny the Son who has broken my strife
I refuse comfort, protection, a guide
For the very sake of my own pride

You still love me

You loved me before time began
You will love me still until time stands
Your grace finds me in the depths
Your mercy reaches me in the rock clef

You still love me


My soul cries

You are My child

My heart cannot deny

You still love me

Penned – MG – 1/15/15

4 thoughts on “You Still Love Me

  1. Praise God! He loves us so, not matter what, because He made us just as we are. Everyday He is growing us into the vessel He has planned for us to be. When I feel defeated I just remind myself that I must keep moving, breathing, as He finishes what He started. Sometimes I feel that It is not enough just to do the little deeds that I get to do but I am sure He smiles when He observes my action. He knows that we are closer to that thing we were created to be. I am so thankful He still loves me, no matter what. Thanks for sharing great reminders. . . “He loves me, how my Jesus loves me. I don’t know what He sees in me, but He loves me. I’ll never be the same my friend, Jesus washed away my sin. If He had to do it all again, He’d do it all again, because He loves me.” Clint Brown

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