Feeling a Little “Blah?”

Do you ever just wake up some days and feel, “blah?” You think about it and realize you had a good night sleep. You didn’t have a fight with your spouse. Your kids are actually following rules and doing the things they need to do, and the clouds aren’t even gray or threatening a rain shower. Yet, you just can’t seem to get past the gray skies within your heart, and your brain is getting tired trying to figure out why you’re not as chipper as the birds flying above.

Sometimes, we just have days when we feel a little off, where things don’t seem to be as they should within our hearts and minds. On days like this, I have found I have to put forth a little more effort to chase away those gray clouds. I have to move beyond my normal routine and “push back” against those bluesy feelings. If I don’t, I find myself slipping further down as the day prolongs.

On days like this, I am so thankful I have hope for which to live. I am so grateful to be a child of a loving Father who cares even about my “bummed out” moments.  I am so glad I am able to run to Him and find His arms open wide. He is always there awaiting our desire to be with Him. He is always ready and willing to listen and to help us through those tough spots.

He is ready to give us HOPE, LOVE, PEACE and JOY. All we have to do is show up before Him. It’s not a formula we must follow.  It’s not a list of perfection we must check. It’s not even a policy of dos and don’ts to which we must adhere.

It’s a relationship with an Almighty God Who loves us beyond conditions. It’s a moment of truth when He confronts our heart with change, and it’s an overwhelming sense of grace when He shows us His mercy and love, for our sins are completely washed away.

His joy is overflowing and more dependable than sheer happiness.

His peace is surpassing all circumstance and happenstance.

His love is unconditional beyond our sins and failures.

His hope is everlasting past the ages of time.

Won’t you join Him today in this hope? Won’t you release your fear and anger to Him and let Him guide you to a brighter tomorrow?