flyquote.jpgToo often, I believe we focus so much on falling, failing and floundering that we can’t focus on freedom, finishing and flying. We get so wrapped up in the regrets of yesterday that we miss the “flight lesson” that is taking place in our lives today. If we are ever to succeed at flying, we must focus on the here and now and stop looking back. We must look forward, set our goals and take the risk. We must take the chance that just maybe we will jmp off that cliff, our sails will catch the wind and we will fly to heights unknown. 

The Word says, “I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me.” (Philippians 4:13) It doesn’t say a few things. It doesn’t say only the things that we are good at or the things we might have perfected. NO. It says we can do ALL things through Christ! That means whatever He calls us to, we can succeed! 

Does it mean we will succeed the first time around? No, it doesn’t say that. Does it say we will never fail, never fall, never flounder at our first attempt? No, it doesn’t say that either. What it says is WE CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST. That means, when “we let go and we let God,” we can do more than we ever imagined!! We can find freedom from past failures. We can finish those things we set aside because our of fears, and we can fly beyond what our hearts ever imagined!!

Is there a dream there in your heart? Is there something that you long to achieve? Put it in God’s hands. Let Him direct your path, and when He brings you to that mountain top to learn to fly, even if you falter, you can rest assured He will be there to catch you and teach you to fly one more time!

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