Don’t Throw it Away

Had a conversation with someone today about this very thing. It is so heartbreaking to know someone is going down the wrong path, and they refuse to turn around. They refuse to listen and get help out of their detriment…Be bold enough to speak truth into their lives. Care more for their soul than their approval of you.

the grizzle grist mill

You’ve got so much to live for; you’ve got so many days.

You’ve got so far to go; so, why toss them all away?

You think there is no harm; you think there is no mess.

You think there is no pain; so, why is there this death?

You didn’t see it coming; you didn’t see it go.

You didn’t see it hit; so, why are you so low?

You’re falling into the trap; you’re falling into my arms.

You’re falling into the hole; so, why not stay from this harm?

You’ve come to me in love; you’ve come to me in shame.

You’ve come to me in anger; so, why do they still blame?

You have to make a choice; you have to make the decision.

You have to make a change; so, why are you resisting?

You can’t wait forever; you need to get it straight.

You’ve got…

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