For Pure Fun

Ok, so, I saw this picture the other day, and I proceeded to set this to post, and I completely forgot to finish it! Ugh. I’m so sorry to you guys who opened this this morning and thought, “Um, ok…?”

Now, I will complete this…

Source: @PatsyClairmont


A movie I have watched more than five times and would watch again and again would have to be my favorite movie, While You Were Sleeping. This movie is over-the-top-romantic, and as my husband says, I am a “sucka for love;” so, I suppose it totally fits. 😊

If you haven’t seen it yet, pull it off Netflix, snuggle up to your loved one and watch it tonight…or if you have to work early in the morning, plan it for Friday night.😉  This movie is so sweet, so practical, and so realistic. The extremity of circumstances is definitely “movie worthy,” but the thought that you could actually fall in love with someone else when your ‘first love’ is a complete fantasy is totally realistic. I won’t give you the spoilers; so, you can watch and enjoy, but you’ll see what I mean when you follow the story.

I’m also a big fan of Sandra Bullock’s delightful personality and Bill Pullman’s charming smile. These two are great together on the screen. The movie has a couple of other actors who are not so small in name, and they work together to make this one of the best romantic comedies.

There are a few other movies I can watch over and over, too. These would have to include… The Lord of the Rings trilogy, White Christmas, Sleepless in Seattle, Little Women (Katherine Hepburn), Tombstone (edited 😉), El Dorado, Jeremiah Johnson, … Yeah, you could say I’m pretty much a “classic, eclectic, hopeless romantic cowgirl!” 😂😂

I’ve also seen almost every animated movie there is at least twice, and some I can even quote verbatim; however, I might have to say these lend themselves more to my sons’ choosings at various stages. Lol!

So, what about you? What’s a favorite movie of yours? Is there one you’ve seen a gazillion times and would still watch it again? Feel free to share. I’d love to know! 😊