Tuesday’s Treats #31

Pueblo’s Cantina & Grill

Location: Jasper, Ga. (25 Luke Carver Dr…Listing address, because apparently there are a couple of Pueblo’s in Jasper! 😉)

I don’t know about you, but if I’m out of town, it’s so hard to know which Mexican restaurant to choose. Everyone’s opinion on this cuisine is so diverse, even in tripadvisor.com, you can end up at a great place or an awful one, all depending upon who gave the review. That’s why I decided to post about this restaurant, because we were recently in the little town of Jasper, and we were craving some steak tacos, rice and beans. I looked up on Trip Advisor, and this restaurant’s name was listed three times at three different locations, all with conflicting reviews! Talk about decision dilemmas. Ugh!



After finding the one with the best ratings and driving to the address, we realized that we had actually been to this one before. The location of this place doesn’t look like much from the outside, but they have great Mexican food. The inside has a nice atmosphere as well. The sweet tea is what good Southern sweet tea should be. The chips and salsa are a great combo, and the steak is great. We ordered steak tacos, a fajita steak burrito and rice and beans. Everything tastes great, and the service is good as well.


steak fajita buritto

If you’re in Jasper, Georgia, and you want a good Mexican meal, find Pueblo’s on Luke Carver Dr. You won’t be disappointed. 😉

Evidently, they don’t have an actual website; however, I did find them on Facebook. Look here to find their location and see the menu.

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  1. Mercy,….Funny story……Years ago, Jimmie, and I went to the Baldwin Church of God, one Sunday, Morning,….right down the road, from Baldwin…..After church, we rode into town, to find something to eat….We see the Dairy Queen, and started to pull into the lot,…but just then I looked across the street, and saw a sign….It was a….Mexican restaurant….we go in, and it did not look like any Mexican restaurant we had ever been in, and there were no one in there of our race…..We looked at the menu,….we didn’t really know how to order, nothing on there that we understood….We did give the waiter our order not really knowing just what it would be…..First of all they bring us chips and salsa…..The salsa, there were about 3, or 4 different kinds,…and I remember this….they were all in metal bowls…….I thought that was strange…..We started on the chips, and salsa,….and it didn’t take long,….we were on fire !!!!……..We were drinking water as fast as we could,…and we looked over in one of the corners, and some of the waiters were laughing,…..and I am sure it was us….that they were laughing at…….I mean to tell you, from the bottom of our chins, to the top of our noses were on fire……..After paying the bill we made a bee-line to the car, drove quickly across to the Dairy Queen,  and got some an Ice Cream,….and stuck our….tongues….down into the Ice Cream……We had never had anything that Hot before………We have been up that way a few times since then,…and I would look at Jimmie, and say,….you want to stop, and eat at that Mexican Restaurant,….again ??……..She would say….No,…and I got that look from her,…..like if you stop,…you will be sorry !!!!……Mercy,…that was I have to say the worst meal,….we ever had !!!!   Bro. Ron.

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