This Little Girl

You say you love her, but all you do is neglect her.

You say you care for her, but all you do is abuse her.

She is growing up, and you are missing out on the best.

She is getting older, and you are giving up on the rest.


I have known you for years, for several long years.

I have seen a mother neglect her child and call her a dear.

I have seen a mother and father give all they have to wish you well.

You continue on your way, coming in whenever you think it swell.


This little girl has evolved from emotionally wrecked to strong and sure.

This little girl has grown into a youngster, stable and pure.

You say you are concerned; yet, you always cause her pain.

You say you are loving; yet, you voice it all in vain.


My heart breaks to see this child live like this.

My heart bleeds to know how much she will miss.

 My heart tears to watch her cry out in the night.

My heart crumbles to see her life fall to this plight.


By His grace, she will push past this shame.

By His grace, she will learn from all these games.

He will keep her, love her and draw her into Him.

He will, in time, make all of these memories go dim.


Her heart will strengthen from all of these trials.

Her heart will bolster past many, many miles.

Her heart must yearn for His mercy and grace.

Her heart must triumph when confronted with His face.


Penned – MG – 7/27/02…finished 1/1/91