The Chasm

So many hurting souls

So much sickness

So much pain

They hold onto hopelessness

They hold onto chains 


So many broken lives

So much confusion

So much strife

They hold onto faithlessness

They hold onto knives 


My heart weeps at the loss

My spirit grieves at the void

The chasms of empty souls deepen

As all wisdom is forsaken

And all fallacies are breathed in 


My eyes strain from the hurt

My hands grasp for sanity and relief

This canyon of death is all-consuming

As they jump for loss of reason

And crash to the end, never resuming 


There is only on chance of survival

Only One can mend this paroxysm 


So many truths to give

So much forgiveness

So much love

He holds the very breaths we breathe

He holds the good gifts from above 


So many fulfilling promises

So much mercy

So much grace

He holds the moments within His hands

He holds our very life to embrace 


Penned – MG – 10/30/14