Tuesday’s Treats #32

Rumor HazIt

Location: Clayton, Ga 

This has been a local favorite of ours for several years now, and I’ll be honest, you can actually catch them on a day when they’re not A+ quality. However, I’ll have to say the majority of the time, you’ll get really good food and pretty good service.

You wouldn’t think you’d find a decent seafood restaurant in the hills of North Georgia, and if I hadn’t eaten here myself, I’d definitely be a doubter. We actually ate here yesterday, and the food was pretty good, about a B grade. We ordered the fried pickles, and they were amazing! We, also, ordered a small tossed salad and the shrimp bisque, both were yummy.

For entrees, we ordered the grilled chicken sandwich, chicken fingers, cheeseburger and the blackened mahi-mahi sandwich, all with fries. Everything tasted great; however, the chicken and mahi sandwiches were just a tad over cooked, leaving them both a little dry, but we’ve had these plenty of times before, and they were delicious. The fries were awesome; they’re like little potato logs. The ranch dressing, tartar sauce and the chipotle ranch sauces all taste homemade.

We’ve had the burgers before (pictured first above), and they’ve always been great. If you like beer battered onion rings, they’ve got some of the best. The fried cod sandwich has always been tasty as well. Oh, if you like dessert, you’ll really like their key lime pie, and there’s another dessert we’ve had there; however, I can’t remember what it was. 😜

The atmosphere is really done right with all nautical themes and a beautiful fish tank in the center of the room. The seating is very comfortable with both inside tables and half booths and outside patio areas.

So, try them out, and remember, if you happen to get bad (slow!) service that day, please, just give them one more try. You’ll enjoy the meals, and you’ll probably catch them on a better day the next time around. 😉

You can check out their website here.

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